Joe grew up in a small Southern Utah town and spent a majority of his time outside. In high school he participated in football, baseball, and wrestling. As he got older, married, and started having kids his focus changed from his activities to the activities of his kids and he became very active in coaching his son’s baseball teams. The shift in focus was not great for his personal health and he began stacking on some extra pounds. During a routine physical 8 years ago the doctor informed him he had every early indicator of adult onset diabetes and was told he needed to make some changes. It was at this point his CrossFit journey began. Joe has been doing CrossFit ever since and has been coaching CrossFit now for 5 years. CrossFit changed his life and the life of his family. Joe still enjoys coaching, in the gym and now his daughters softball team, playing in the dirt, wrenching on cars (just enough to get himself in trouble) and supporting all of his kids in their various activities.

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